Freelancing Tips: Cold-pitching Mistakes You Should Stop Right Now

As freelancers in the Philippines believe that they can be successful in life, many are struggling when it comes to client acquisition. Researching on the internet, collaborating with great minds are still not enough to get clients for your freelancing services.

It takes an ample time and decent proposals to be able to make your target clients approve your proposal and avail your services. There are countless methods are available online you can follow. Owners of Push Digits, Wilshire Smile Studio, Loganix Link Building, and Law Professor in Abraham Lincoln University have laid out some advice you should not do.

Start composing compelling pitches to the clients by avoiding these mistakes:

Not pitching to the direct decision makers

When you’re pitching out in a small business, you can direct your proposals to the owner. For the big brands, make it a point to reach out to anyone from the marketing department or HR Department. Pitching to the wrong person is such a waste of effort and time.

Not doing thorough research

Checking the client’s website is good, but not knowing and identifying what exactly they need for their business can either make or break your proposal. Find the pain points of the business and that’s where your sales pitch comes in.

Not enough detail is provided

Including your portfolio is common for everyone in freelancing, leading them to miss the main point of a sales pitch. You need to be specific towards the client’s need and feature similar projects you have done in the past. Let them know the advantages of your service when they avail it for their business such as the increase in conversions, better user experience in the website, professional graphic design.

Not answering the questions immediately

As you send the compelling sales pitch to the clients, you must anticipate follow up questions. Prepare a list of answers that the client may possibly ask. Clients will have doubts if you will not be able to answer immediately, thinking you’re not serious in making business with them.

Showing signs of being unconfident

You must be a people person, always ready for everyone in freelancing. Remember the most influential and legit portfolio is you and how you project yourself to the clients.

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