Why Top US Media Publications Should Consider Data Entry Service?

MSN, Fox News, ESPN, Huffington Post are just some of the top media publications in the United States. These publications have been producing more than 20 articles per day for the past years. This means a group of writers and editors are working for them, to be able to keep their productivity level at their target phase.

A well-balanced traffic is great for news sites and media publishers, but accurate and timely articles are necessary! To be able to keep on engaging followers, increase page views, more brands to be interested to be your clients, every publication has to absorb data entry service.

How Can Data Entry Service Provider Help You?

The data entry team from the service provider can insert alt text for featured image per article and to every image within the article. They can also upload meta description and include the keyword used per article, needed for the on-page SEO.

Data entry team will conduct fact checking for you. This task includes checking the dates, verifying the name of people, celebrities, senators involved in the story, and the location where the accident occurs and issues happened.

Moreover, they can also search for valuable and shareable topics for the writers to focus on producing the articles. This is usually one of the hindrances of every writer, every time they need to come up with articles.

The data entry provider can summarize the number of engagements, shares, newly gained readers from each article you upload. In line with this, you can also ask them to track down which of the site traffic sources gained more such as organic search, social, referrals and through email.

Thus, the summary of all the engagements and related data needed for a daily and weekly report is ready.

Data entry service is not just for telecom and credit card companies. You just have to recognize the scope of work they can cater to you, it increases the level of productivity in your business.

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